Thursday, August 22, 2013

Lakhe Jatra in Dolakha: Dwaku Dakas (Big Lakhe Dance)

Lakhe Jatra begins in Dolakha after the Gathamangal Jatra. This Lakhe Jatra is going to continue until Janai Purnima (this year August 21st ). This festival mainly is celebrated by Newari caste only. On the day of Janau Purnima, Dolakhali newari people celebrate it with Dwaki Dakas ‘Big Lakhe’. The Lakhe dance of this day is very important to all Dolakhali people and also many people from other parts of the Dolakha district visit Dolakha town to see this Big Lakhe dance.

Dwaku Dakas (Big Lakhe)




Photos: Praveen Pradhan 

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  1. Hello! Greetings from America!

    I was researching information on Dolokha and the festival in August and found your blog. You have a photo of me on there! That was a nice surprise. We must have been taking photos at the same time and I wonder if I have photos of you on my blog.

    This includes some of my photos from Dolokha. They are down at the bottom.