Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Gatha Mangal Jatra in Dolakha

The Gatha Mangal Jatra or Ghantakarna was celebrated in Dolakha yesterday (it is on July 17 in this year). After the Gatha Mangal Jatra, Lakhe Jatra begins in Dolakha. This Lakhe Jatra is going to continue until Janai Purnima (August 2). This festival is only celebrated by Newari people. 
According to the myth, the demon wore bell earrings in order to drown out the name of the god Shiva with their jingling. Attributed to him are acts of robbery, murder, and kidnapping of children. A Ghantakarna demon who used to give trouble to the people in the ancient time, killed by the people on this day. From that day, people make large symbolic bodyof the demon and take it to throw in the out of the town, the people have good feast together with their family for a whole day.

Photo: Shivajee

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