Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Simigau Monastery: Dolakha

Simigau Monastery is situated at an altitude of 2000m in Simugau Village of Dolakha. It takes three days walk from Charikot bazar or two days walk from Singati Bazar to reach there. We can go directly by bus within 5-6hrs from Charikot to Singati except monsoon season. Before reaching there, we have to climb up very dangerous vertical hill about 500m high from Chhet Chhet after crossing the Tamakoshi River (Photo below). Chhet Chhet is located at the foot of this hill. But stair steps with hand railing were constructed to climb up this hill. So we can climb up easily but we need to be careful. It takes 1-2hrs to go up this hill. Before construction of stair steps and hand railing, it was highly risky to climb up this hill. We can also view beautiful scenery from the Monastery.
Cliff to go up Simigau

Stair steps and hand railing at cliff