Monday, March 17, 2008

The first coin of Nepal

..............................The First coin of Nepal
.............................The kingdom of Dolakha

Indra Simha And Queen Vijaya Lakshmi ( c.Ad 1540-48 )

The first tankas minted in Nepal were struck in the Kingdom of Dolakha shortly before Ad 1550, situated in the valley of the Tambu Kosi, about 50 miles east of the Kathmandu Valley. The Kosi Valley provided an easy route up to the Tibetan plateau. Dolakha was conquered by the Malla kings of Kathmandu about AD1600. The coinage was short-lived, and all known specimens are of the same basic design, although there are several minor differences in calligraphy and in other details. All the coins are fine silver tankas, and no minor denominations are known.

174: Within a double square legend in four lines 'Dolakhadhi/pati sri sri Jaya Indra simha Devasyah 'dhi' at end of top line written (o) Border of dots around, 'x' in centre of lunettes . Legend in four lines 'patta Maha / deva Sri Vi Jaya Laksmi / Mahadevyah.
175: As last , but dot in centre of lunettes each side .
176: As last , but no dot in centre of lunettes , and calligraphy slightly improved, with fewer errors .
177: As last, but ornamental border . 'dhi' at end of top line written 'dhi' and retooled with wavy lines in lunettes .
178: As last, but different die . Same die as last, but retooled , with a '!' in left lunette .
179: As last, but different dies , with no wavy lines in lunettes and countermark or shroff- mark of a conch - shell on obv .


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