Friday, February 22, 2008

Dolakha Town: Nepal

Dolakha town has it own importance for it is ancient in economic, social and religion field. Dolakha encompasses the history of both the Kirant and Lichhabi period. Trade route to Bhote of Tibet from Dolakha was linked from Tamakosi till the end of the Malla period. There are three entry points to Tibet named Kuti through Bigu, Bhote through Lchema and Tibet through Lamabagar, Laoche till date. Newar are the tribes of religion, culture, language and other social systems God bhieemsen, the famous temple in Nepal, is situated in the town which was established in Kirat period, it is estimated. It is believed that if any distinct episode in country is going to happen in the country, it begins to sweat from the statue of God Bheemeshowr. For more information please click on Dolakha Town.

Reference: DDC Dolakha website

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