Friday, June 29, 2007

About Dolakha Town

This is the web site of Dolakha town. Dolakha town lies in Bhimeshwor M.C., Dolakha district, Janakpur zone, Nepal. This town is famous and historical place. This town has lot of historical temples and places. It has also beautiful places to visit. The famous temple named Bhimeshwor of Nepal lies in this town. Dolakha town is lovely and beautiful place. Environment of this town is better and also non poluted town. All of you are wel come in Dolakha town.Dolakha town is historical place, it has lot of historical statues and temples. Bhimeshowr temple is famous temple not only in Dolakha town but all over the country Nepal. Bhimeshwor temple atrract so many people to visit here from different places of the country. Not only Neplese people visit but also foreign people. This town has also tourist spot and camping sites. In its origin the city of Dolakha was called "Abhayapur" which means "Abhay"-without fear; and "pur"-cities; and that's why Dolakha called also as a city without fear because of the power production of god Bhim Sen.

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