Saturday, September 4, 2010

Suwa Taisha, Japan

Suwa Taisha is formed of two major locations, Kamisha and Shimosha, located to the north and south of Lake Suwa, Nagano, Japan respectively. Both locations are formed of two shrines. Kamisha is formed of Honmiya and Maemiya, and Shimosha is formed of Harumiya and Akimiya. Its parish area is as broad as to cover the whole Suwa.
This shrine has been worshipped by the Imperial Court since the ancient time. In 691, a messenger was sent by the emperor in order to pray for peace of nation and good harvest. The succesive emperors worshipped this shrine. Tha Kami (deity) of Suwa is also worshipped as a deity of bravery and as a gurdian of warriors. When the Emperor Jingu sent troops to Korean peninsula, the deity was believed to be assisting the troops, and in Heian period the deity was well known as the primary divinity of war. From Kamakura period, many famous war lords including Shoguns of Tokugawa family prayed for fortune and peace of the nation by dedicating shrine lands and treasures.
The deity is also widely known as a deity of rain and wind and as a guardian of water. Also, people worship the Kami for good harvest. Furthermore, people believe that the deity is the source of life and the guardian of living. Thus, the divine virtue is full of variety such as home safety, healthy living, traffic safety, prosperity of industry and good luck.
Statue of Sumo Player
Ancient Big drum

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