Monday, March 8, 2010

The Clock Tower, Hokkaido

This tower was originally built in 1878 as a drill hall for the Sapporo Agricultural College, which later became Hokkaido University. We can reach there by 5-10 minute walk south of Sapporo Station, and one block north of Odori Park. The American-made clock was added three years later. At the time of its construction, the Clock Tower was the tallest building in Sapporo, and although it has become rather inconspicuous thanks to the modern buildings towering around it, it is still considered a symbol of the city and is often featured in postcards and brochures. It has been designated as an Important Cultural Property, and there is a small local history museum inside, which is open to the public. The red stars on the front of the building were a symbol of the Hokkaido Development Commission.

Photo: Mero Dolakha

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