Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Steel stair at Kalinchowk

Top of the two hills are connected by steel stair at Kalinchowk Temple, Dolakha.


  1. Thanks a lot for your more inspiration

  2. Being in kalinchowk was a heck lot of fun.We hav seen a massive snowfall.It was lot harder than we hav thought that we can get there easily.With snow falling like rain and the altitude sickness.we get lost in the woods bcoz of the snow we can't even see properly the forest exactly looks like Siberian forest.The only way you can't get lost in those condition is you jst have to follow the electricity pole that leads you straight to kuri.Best place in Nepal Kalinchwok .LOL

  3. Kalinkchowk itself is loosing its identity.There will be no more excitement without walking a 6-7 hours through woods.I've heard they are making a road to kalinchowk.Its not full sized road but motorbike can easily get there now those days.There is no more fascination about those place where you can get easily beside of those crowded city places.Maybe panch pokhari is the best new destination for all us now.But can't forgot the moments that we 8 freinds hav shared in kalinchowk