Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sunkhani and Kalinag Temple

Sunkhani Village is located at the northern part of Dolakha district and 9.6km distance from district headquarter. It takes 2.5-3hrs by bus from district headquarter Charikot and 3-4hrs by foot walk. There are many places for tourism such as Kalinag Temple, Chaughara Building and others. The detail information about Chaughara building is already posted in this blog (Chaughara Building, Dolakha (चौघारा भवन ) . The photo above is the view of Chhaparku gaun of Sunkhani.

Photographs of Kalinag Temple

Ganesh Pati at Chhaparku

Traditional wooden pillar at Ganesh Pati

Photo of Sunpadheri
Thanks to Devendra jee for the pictures.

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