Friday, November 20, 2009

Chaughara Building, Dolakha (चौघारा भवन )

About 400-500 years before constructed ‘Chaughara Building’ of Dolakha is famous in cultural heritage throughout the country. This building is located at Sunkhani VDC of Dolakha district. We can reach this building within 2.5-3hrs by bus from district headquarter Charikot and it takes 3-4hrs by foot. This building was constructed by Shiwakoti families. From ancient time Shiwakoti families were living in this building but recently this building is in under conservation of the Department of Archeology, Nepal.

Artistic window at Chaughara building

South-East side of building

Back side of building

Aaitabare dhunga in courtyard

Back side of Chaughara Building

Front side of Chaughara

West side of building

View from inner courtyard

Special thanks for Devendra jee for the pictures and Binaya jee for the informations.

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  1. Thanks Badri ji for an informative article. nice pictures!