Monday, October 26, 2009

Glimpse of Kamenose Landslide Visit

Yamato River collects rainfall from all over the Nara Basin of Japan. After passing through the Nara Basin, Yamato River runs into the Osaka Plain through the Kamenose Valley. The area around the Kamenose Valley has been prone to landslides since ancient days. There was a concern that landslides in the area might cause the Nara Basin to submerge and result in extensive damages caused by the outrush of dammed water in and around the Osaka Plain. The landslide prevention works in Kamenose are of the largest scale in Japan and use a variety of techniques including: caisson pileworks reaching as deep as 100m; piling works using alarge number of steel pipes to restrain the landslidepressure; soil removal works; channel works; drainagewell works; and drainage tunnel works. Here is some photographs of Kamenose landslide prevention works, which was taken in last week on October 22 during my field trip.

Schematic figure of overall view of Kamenose area where landslide works have been done

Schematic figure of construction of pile works

Landslide displacement measurement with pile works

Construction of tunnel for underground water flow to prevent landslide; inside this tunnel, there are two ancient railway subway line which were damaged by landslide before hundred years ago.

Yamato River

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