Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bhairab Kumari Jatra

------------------------------------- Photograph of Bhairab

Bhairab Kumari Jatra is one of the major religious celebrations in Dolakha. Every year Bhairab-Kumari Jatra starts on the next day of the Gaijatra. The festival consist of masked dances that go on non stop for five days every year, which has started from August 7th in this year and finished yesterday night. Thirty-two persons dressed in costumes, including that of 'Bhairab' and 'Kumari', move around the market and temples with dancing in martial style. Dolakha bazaar was busy with devotees arriving from different parts of the country to observe the Jatra. On the occasion, devotees also undergo fasting and worship Bhairab and Kumari. The festival started about 500 years ago and has great religious significance.

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  1. Bhairav and Kumari ko darsan gare hai ta