Thursday, May 7, 2009

Daimonji Yama

Daimonji is the first of the five mountains to be set alight. The kanji that means large is written on Nyoigatake (Daimonji Mountain). There are various explanations about the origin of these bonfires, but it is said that the tradition began between three and five hundred years ago. On August 16 at night, there is a fire festival, in which wood is burned off in almost a hundred separate bonfires in a certain pattern. I went hiking to the top of the Daimonji yama during the golden weak holiday. There is a large clearance in the forest on this, giving the best viewing spot of the Kyoto area.View of Kyoto from the top of Yama.
View of Kyoto from fire station, which is at the middle of the mountain.

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