Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Panorama of Kalinchowk, Dolakha

Kalinchowk is famous but rarely visited by tourists, compared to other famous mountains in the Himalayas . It is located above an altitude of 3,842 m( 12,605 ft) and 18 km(11.2 mile) north from Dolakha bazar in Dolakha District. On the top of Kalinchowk is an open air Hindu temple dedicated to Kali, wife of God Shiva. A small pond, numerous Trishuls (tridents) and small bells are also seen around it. While looking from the peak, panoramic views of the Himalayan range leave one speechless. There are two peaks on Kalinchowk and an iron ladder connects one peak to another. You can see a broken house across it, which had been used for Hindu pilgrims. A small hill is behind it.
Kuri, where we have to stay at night, from here it takes 3/4hrs to reach Kali temple at top of mountain peak.
Kalinchowk Temple is located at that peak of mountain.
Thami cultural show `Jhakri` at Kalinchowk.
Kali shirne
Bells and Trishul at Kalinchowk
View of Mt. Gaurishnaker from Kalinchowk.
Iron ladder connects two mountinous peaks, It was constructed at the time of Chandra Samser.
View from Kalinchowk Sunkoshi river passes throgh that deep gorges.

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