Saturday, September 6, 2008

Shailung Nature: Dolakha

Shailung, a meeting point of nature and religion is another incentive of Dolkha. It is situated at an altitude of 3500m Southwest from Charikot at Saya Thumka hill. This destination could be reached by 7 hours driving from Kathamandu. One can walk from Mude Bazaar of Sindhupalchowk. From this view point Mt. Everest, Macchapucchre Ganesh Himal, Kathmandu Valley and Terai region can be clearly viewed. In winter, the snow covers this mountain for two months which is the main attraction of the area. This place receives maximum devotees on Janai Purnima. Balachaturdashi and the Bara Barse Mela. It is also popular as the place where Gautam Buddha had visited and the place where 13 colors of the sun can be seen in a day. The area is a famous as Natural view tower and also the rich in Tamang culture.
Shailung during winter season.
View of Shailung dada..

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  1. यो दोलखा त टाढा छ होला जस्तो लाग्थ्यो मलाई । तर धुलिखेलतिरबाट पो जाने रहेछ । एकपटक चैँ जानुपर्छ होला साथिहरूसित ।

  2. Dolakha is not so far form Kathmandu, you can reach dolkha within 4hrs by express bus from Kathmandu ant by local bus it takes 6-7hrs.

    We are most welcome Ujeli jee...

  3. Thanks Badrijee for the posting! It is nice to know about so many beautiful places in Nepal through your blog.

    अनि, कुन्ती मोक्तानले गाएको "माथि-माथि शैलुङगेमा---" भन्ने गीत यहि शैलुङ्गको प्रसंगको हो? कि शैलुङ्गले एउटा निश्चित भू-बनौटलाई जनाउँछ, जुन यहि नभएर अन्त कतैको पनि हुनसक्छ?

  4. Yes Basanta Jee this is the same place ....

  5. दोलखा को कुरा गरि साध्य छैन ।
    शैलुङ्ग त्यहीँ, गौरीशंकर त्यही, भिमेश्वर त्यहिँ, अहिलेको प्रतिक्षित लामाबगर तामाकोशी जलविद्युत आयोजना त्यहिँ, नेपाल को स्विटजरल्याण्ड भनिने जिरि त्यहिँ, अनि डाडाँ को टुप्पा मा भा'को चरिकोट को कुरै गर्नु पर्दैन, अनि हाम्रा पुर्खा रहेका नाम्दु पनि कम राम्रो छैन ।
    के-के हो, के - के !

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