Friday, August 29, 2008

Trip to Kurobe Dam

The Kurobe dam (黒部ダム, Kurobe dam) or Kuroyon dam (黒四ダム) , Japan's largest dam, is on the Kurobe River in Toyama Prefecture on the island of Honshu, where we (me and my frens) visited as field trip on August 18, 2008. It generates electricity for the Kansai Electric Power Company. It stands 186 m high and holds 200,000,000 cubic meters of water. Its construction, completed in 1963 at a cost of 51.3 billion yen, claimed the lives of nearly two hundred people.
Trolly Bus to reach Kurobe dam site from Ogizawa Station it takes 15 mins and 1500 yen cost for one way

Way to seight seeing of Kurobe dam

Upstream reservoir of Kurobe dam

Mountainous view from Kurobe dam

Inclined train, it moves on inclined way at 36 degrees in slope inside the tunnel, we aloso had a chance to travel by this train.

Temperature inside the tunnel, it was very cold inside the tunnel even in summber season.

Power generation inside powerhouse, 4 generator are prodecing electric power by converting mechanical energy into electrical energy.

Model of pelton turbine, which convert hydraulic energy into mechanical energy for power generation.
Outline of KUROBE DAM:
Type-Arch-Type dome overflow dam.
Height-186m-the heighest in Japan.
Dike Length-492m.
Width of crest-8.1m
Bed width-39.7m
Inundation area-Approximately 3,490,000 square meter
Dike volume-1.58 million cubic meters.
Water Strage Capacity-200 million cubic meters.
Period of Water Discharge-June 26 to October 15.
Generation of electricity quantity-Kokube river fourth power plant: Year approximately 1,000,000,000 kWh (river as for generation of electricity quantity of year of the whole Kokube approximately 3,100,000,000 kWh)
Type-Dam runoff system
Power Output-Maximum 335,000kW
Generation of electricity start date-S36.1.15
Feature-From viewpoint of natural landscape maintenance of snow damage prevention and the Chubu mountain national park of winter, all facility of the power plant & the transformer substation etc is made on underground 150m.

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