Monday, August 4, 2008

Lakhe Jatra in Dolakha

Photograph of Lakhe Jatra in Dolakha
Photograph of Gathamangal Jatra

Lakhe Jatra begins in Dolakha after the Gathamangal Jatra (July 30 this year). This Lakhe Jatra is going to continue until Janai Purnima (August 16) . This festival mainly is celebrated by Newari caste only.


  1. Hey guys, whoever uploaded this application that is awesaome. I like it . I haven't seen Gouri Shanker Himal for a long time. I feel good I mean reall good.I like Upper Tamakoshi though. Dolakha will be one of the tremendous place. Thanks, Raju usa

  2. Dear Friend

    When does Lakhe jatra finish in Dolakha. Does it last only until janai purnima? or Krishna Astami. I am collecting data on this festival and would like to see it


  3. Hi! normally Lakhe Jatra in Dolakha starts from the day after Gathemangal (July 17) until Janai Purnima (July 18) almost daily . However, also on Krishna Astami, there is a Lakhe Jatra in Dolakha.