Friday, August 22, 2008

Daio Wasabi Farm, Nagano, Japan

The Daio Wasabi Farm (大王わさび農場, Daio Wasabi Nojo) is a wasabi farm established in 1915 and located in Azumino, Nagano Prefecture near the center of Honshu, the main island of Japan. It is a popular tourist spot due to its beautiful watermills and for the river that runs through it. A restaurant offers wasabi-flavoured ice cream and other wasabi-themed products. Outside of Japan, the site is best known for its appearance in the 1990 film Dreams by world famous director Akira Kurosawa in the segment called "Village of the Watermills". Daio is one of Japan's largest farms—and its largest wasabi farm—covering 15 hectares. During my field trip of Kurobe dam, we had a freetime to visit in this farm, which lies on the route to Kurobe dam.

Wasabi (horse raddis)

Photographs of Daio Wasabi Farm


  1. जापान देख्न पाउँदा राम्रो लाग्यो ।

  2. Do we have wasabi in Nepal? What is it's name in Nepali?

  3. Sujan Jee,
    I think, we don't have wasabi in Nepal. But we can produce wasabi in colder region of Nepal. It also needs continous irrigation. I do not know its Nepali name. There might not be Nepali name. If I will get its Nepali name, you will be informed.