Monday, May 12, 2008

Tripura Sundari Temple: Dolakha

Goddess Bhagawati Tripura-sundari is a from of Goddess Bhagawati(tripur-means three world: Earth, Heaven and Underworld, Sundari-means Beautiful). In its uniqueness she was the most beautiful in the universe. But now a days , there are no statue of Tripura-Sundari cuz it was lost. Approximately 200 meter from the Bhimeshwar temple is the temple of Tripurasundari where devotees assemble during the festivals of Chaitrastami and Dashian. Only the priest of this temple is allowed a glimpse of the image enshrined within.


  1. ya Basanta jee, it was stolen before 19-20 yrs when there was a active 'Murti Chor' in Nepal. The statue of Bhagawati (Tripura sundari)was about 5ft in height, made by Gold with pearl and diamond decorated. It was highly valuable...

  2. Dear Badriji,
    Is not it traced the statue yet? Somebody must have seen somewhere either in Museums of the world or in house or Mahal. I just want to know and have darshan if possible as you described that the statue of Tripura Sundari is 5ft high, made of gold and decorated with diamond and pearl. I just imagine that only a sight of that image will give us immense pleasure ecstasy. What do you say, sir.

  3. Dear badri ji,
    Nice to read some article from your blog, i was eagerly looking many facts regarding Tripura sundari,in how many places Tripura sundari temples are located and in which part of Nepal? now just we have completed Tripura sundari temple in Kolhapur in the premises of APF compound as a EAST DEVI of this Tripura battalion. So anybody who knows facts about Tripura is requested to send valuable suggestion regarding religious importance, traditional values and many more ideas, and recipe of worship, shambhu upreti through: