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Getting Rolwaling Valley: Dolakha ------part (1)

Getting Rolwaling Valley
Rolwaling Valley is theoretically accessible by a half-dozen routes.
-->Most trekkers approach via Simigaon, at the confluence of the Rolwaling Khola and the Bhote Khosi (which is known as the Tama Kosi south of this point. There are three routes leading to Simigaon.
*One, from Tibet via the north, is not used by foreign tourists.
*There is a path that crosses the ridge west of the Tama; the trailhead is at Barabise, on the Friendship highway, which connects Kathmandu with the Chinese border.
*The other route to Simigaon is by far the most convenient. The trailhead is at Dolakha, at the end of a spur of the Swiss highway to Jiri, which breaks off to the north at Charikot. The main path drops to the Tama koshi and then heads straight north until Dolakha, but there are some alternative paths that cut the corner and drop into Rolwaling Valley above Simigaon.
-->There are three routes over high passes, requiring guides and proper mountaineering equipment. Two of these converge at Na, about 1.5 hours east of Beding, while the third hits Rolwaling Valley near Beding itself.
*The more frequented of these connects Rolwaling with Khumbu, crossing the formidable Tashi Laptsa pass above the headwaters of the Rolwaling Khola.
*It is also possible to approach by cutting more or less due north from Jiri, and crossing the Yarlung La above Na. Other trails that converge at this pass connect Rolwaling with Suri Dhoban and with the Junbesi area.
*Menlung pass, just above Beding, is a short cut to Tibet, but the glacier is supposed to be a bit tricky, and the route is not officially open.
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