Thursday, April 24, 2008

Rural Electricity Generation in Tsho Rolpa Glacier Lake

15 KW electricity has been produced at Tsho Rolpa Glacier Lake, situated at Rolwaling of Gaurishanker VDC-1 of Dolakha District, estimated to be the highest place on earth to have produced electricity. The Tsho Rolpa Lake is situated at 4,580 meters. The metrology department started this micro-hydel project to facilitate three employees stationed there to transmit news about the lake, which was once thought to explode. The 15-KW electricity produced has helping the employees of Danger Control Project which has been financially supported by Netherlands Development Agency. Earlier, 20-KW electricity used to be produced at Thorang Pass, which is situated 4,500 m. As the project falls under an important tourist place in the district, it would obviously help the tourism sector in the district.

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