Sunday, April 6, 2008

Popularity of Google Ads also in education sector

Most of the web publishers and bloggers are using the google ads and other types of advertisements in their web pages. Today morning, when I went through the website of IOE (Institute of Engineering), they are also using google ads, may be IOE also starts promoting their business through google ads than education. Before that, I never saw such advertisements in any web pages of either educational sectors or public offices. What do you think about it????

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  1. खाली रहेको जग्गामा दुई-चार होर्डिङ बोर्ड राख्दे पैसा आईहाल्छ कि भनेर होला। नआए पनि केहि बेफाइदा हुने हैन क्यारे।