Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Panaroma of Alampu Village: Dolakha

It takes 10-12 hrs walk to reach Alampu bazar from Singati bazar, and 4-5 hrs by bus from Dolakha bazar to Singati bazar.

The mountains in this photos are the 4000m pass to tibet and its about a one day trek from alampu.

.......................................Alampu school


  1. khoi dolakha jaane sapana kahiel poora hune ho, picture herna paaiyo jhaan jaana maan lagyo

  2. nice pics.of dolakha....ya,i also know some places of there.......but only besides of highway...

  3. sngesh jee, you are mostly welocme in Dolakha. Goddess Bhimsen of Dolakha bless you to get success for your dream of Dolakha visit.
    Hope we will meet there and enjoy toghether..........

    and aakar jee, thanx for liking these pics...
    By the way, which places have you been there???

  4. Dear Badriji,

    Nice photographs,

    I have read your comment in Aakar's blog, I could have replied you there but I don't wish to continue responding to the comments posted there, the reason is simple. I want to discuss any issues at large but don't want to indulge in unnecessary blame game. And the kind of cheap words being used these days in discussion forums not only decreases the importance of the forum but also injects hatredness amongst commoner. I believe in solving each and every disputed topic through negotiation.
    Anyways coming to your point,
    We definitely wish and dream to see a Single Sovereign , Consolidated and Developed Nepal. But the fact is Nepal might be adopting very soon a federal republican structure which means there will be provinces and centre. My concern is with the proposed no of provinces , see for example, Pakistan is such a big country but has only 4 provinces. But in our country, present day leaders are talking of deviding Nepal in more than 10 states which means unnecessary burden on the national economy.

  5. हे मित्रहरु ! तिमीहरुबाट भनिएका कुराहरू पूरा हुँदैनन् अनि व्यवहारमा लागू हुन सक्तैनन् भने धेरै बक्बक् नगर,देशका लागि केही गर्न सक्दैनौ भने देशलाई भाँड्ने काम पनि नगर किनकी तिमी देश बनाउन सक्तैनौ भने तिमीलाई देश बिगार्ने अधिकार पनि छैन ।

  6. well Badri ji,
    I've been to charikot...

  7. Hello Sujit jee,
    thank you for liking photographs..
    Ya, definitely we have to discuss in any issues to share opinion and experiences of each other to get the optimul solution.......
    In the present context of Nepal, Nepal should not be divided at all, otherwise there will be created unstable situation in our country by demanding many many states from different groups/region....

    ya Definitely "we wish and want to see a Single Sovereign , Consolidated and Developed Nepal." Let's see....the result...

    aakar jee, very good and intresting statements..............