Friday, March 21, 2008

Holi Festival of Nepal

The Phagu festival (Holi), is being celebrated today (Phagu Purnima) by smearing red vermilion powder and throwing colour and water-filled balloons at each other; but in terai region it is celebrated tomorrow.
The ancient Hindu festival of Holi falls on late February or on March. Holi is a day when the feast of colours is celebrated. The festival is of a week. However it's only the last day that is observed by all with colours. Phagu Purnima is another name for Holi where Phagu means the sacred red powder and Purnima is the full moon day, on which the festival ends with the burning of the ‘Chir’, which is installed earlier, on the full moon day. People can be seen wandering through the streets either on foot or on some vehicle, with a variety of colours smeared over them.
Families and friends get together and celebrate the occasion with a lot of merry making. This spring time celebration is also an outburst of youthful exuberance in which throwing colours and water bolloons (lolas) on passer- by is acceptable.
And happy holi…..n HOLI hooooooooooooooooooooo holiiiiiiiiii………….