Monday, March 24, 2008

Ancient Cave in Dolakha

What once was home to prehistoric humans has been found inside a tunnel located at the foothills of Bhirkuna area of Gaurimudi VDC, some 40 kilometers from district headquarters Charikot. Locals said that although they occasionally ventured inside while hunting for porcupines, they never knew about its origin and the expanse of the cave. Ganesh Bahadur Tamang, a local claimed that he and his hunting mates often sneaked inside the tunnel looking for porcupines. “We walked for nearly two hours inside the hole, but returned after we didn’t find the end of the tunnel,” Tamang said.
The tunnel was not known to anyone except locals of Gaurimudi village until recently. Locals also informed that the cave is some 1.5 kilometers long.
Tamang said that although the opening to the tunnel seemed narrow, his group of hunters found a wide pathway a little further from the entrance.
According to Tamang, one has to walk stooping for five minutes from the entrance to find a second narrow hole beyond which stone-built stairs are present. Thirty minutes straight from the stairs, one can find a Chautara (public resting place) along with shelter holes.
“We also found a pond nearly the size of a room after walking for five minutes below the Chautara,” Tamang said, fascinated by the finding. Tamang said that though his team didn’t venture beyond the pond, he had also heard elderly villagers talking about water spouts inside the tunnel.
Dal Bahadur Tamang, an elderly person from one of the villages stressed that his forefathers might have built the cave in prehistoric times. “The pores in the walls are built probably to let air ventilate inside the tunnel so that persons inside could easily breathe,” he said.
Local youths, who remain bemused by the tunnel’s presence right next to their homes, said that the builders had used scientific methods to dig such a burrow in the distant past. “This can really be a matter of deep investigation,” said Dabal Tamang, a local youth.


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