Saturday, February 23, 2008

Bedding, Dolakha

Beding village is located in Ward No. 1 of Gaurishankar VDC. The village is inhabited by the Sherpas only and the prime source of their livelihood is climbing mountains. Sherpas are world famous mountaineers, capable of climbing mountains without formal education and training. More than 29 people of the village have already scaled Mt. Everest. Visit of this matchless picturesque village of the mountaineers and interaction with the legendary Sherpas provides one with nice feeling.


  1. How many days does it take to reach this place?

    1. Up to ChetChet you can go by bus. It takes about 12-14 hrs from Kathmandu to Chechet by Bus. And from Chetchet to Beding, it takes 2 days walking distance.