Saturday, January 19, 2008

Tsho Rolpa Glacier Lake, Dolakha, Nepal

Tsho Rolpa Glacier Lake is located in Gaurishanker Village Development Committee, Dolakha District of Nepal. It is situated at an altitude of 4580 meters from the sea level and its area is 1.65 square kilometers. Water volume in this lake has been estimated to be 80 million cubic meters. It has been observed that the physical size of this lake has increased by five times since 1960. In 1997 Glacier Lake Outburst (GLOF) Specialist Dr. J. Reynolds warned that the lake might burst in the summer of the same year. Moreover, a report of the Ministry of Science and Technology stated that if the lake will burst, it would affected 18 Village Development Committees (VDCs) of Dolakha and Ramechhap districts. It was also stated in the above reports that some very necessary countermeasures should be taken immediately to reduce the extent of damage by the probable flood. It is retained by a natural moraine dam that is unstable and threatens to burst. If the dam is breached, the resulting flood of approximately 80 million cubic metres of water, would cause serious damage for 100 km or more downstream, threatening as many as 6000 lives, the construction site for a 60 MW hydroelectric project and other infrastructure. The damage would have a serious impact on the economy of Nepal. The current risk of a failure is considered to be high and increasing rapidly. Thus, some countermeasures are being adopted since June 1997 as follows:

-Reduce the water volume in the glacier:At the beginning, to reduce water volume of the glacier five siphons were installed by the Water Supply and Sewage Management Department. Besides the siphons, at present, The mouth of the lake is being cut to reduce the water volume of the lake

-Move the endangered population: - Inhabitants of the downstream of the Tsho Rolpa glacier lake i.e. Rolwaling river have been moved up and above 20 meters from the riverbank.

-Establishment of the early warning system at the following places:

1. Nagau Dolakha District

2. Beding Dolakha District

3. Bhorle Dolakha District

4. Singhati Dolakha District

5. Dhumbu Dolakha District

6. Nayapul Dolakha District

7. Kirne Dolakha District

8. Khimti khola Ramechhap District

9. Manthali Airport Ramechhap District

10. Prakashpur Sun saris District

11. Kosibarrage-Sunsari District
Components of the first early warning system introduce at Tsho Rolpa Glacier Lake:

1.Master Station -1

2.Glacier lake Sensing -2

3.Glacier lake Warning monitoring -2

4.Glacier lake Warning (Sirens) - 19

5.Early Warning Relay Station - 3

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